Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mason Dixon Moss Grid Towel

Today was deliciously quiet; it began with my sleeping later than normal, moving slowly once awake, and savoring a large hot mug of sweet coffee all alone in peace. Normally, morning is rushed, and altogether against my predilection.

I have just one more stripe on one block of the Log Cabin blanket; then it will be time to piece it together and decide on a border. The prayer shawl is at Martha's this weekend; so I started the little Moss Grid linen hand towel from the Mason*Dixon Knitting book. This is the first time I have worked with the Euroflax; it is stiff, but yielding. Took a bit of getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, it was rather nice. I began on addi turbos, but switched to these bamboo needles because I felt I needed the friction to prevent slipping.

Alan and I went to dinner with the kids tonight and had a delicious meal. My pork tenderloin medallions were simply perfect; acorn squash and risotto with a hint of cinnamon served as a cushion for the pork. Baby carrots and tender haricot verts added color to the plate. I ate all but one slice of pork - oh, my! Dessert was agreed to by all and the kids shared a pecan ice cream ball while Alan and I split peppermint icecream pie with warm chocolate ganache. Mmmmm....

So with the remainder of the evening left for knitting, I think I would like to finish the stripe in medium brown on the Log Cabin blanket; if there is time, I will work a bit more on the towel. As you can see above, I have just completed the border and find that what I have, in fact, is a seed stitch border, not a moss stitch. The moss is a 4-row pattern whereas the seed is just a repeat of row 1 if an even number of stitches are used. Use your Walker treasury or any stitch book to see the distinction; they are both simple knit-purl combinations.

Or, I may simply sit back and see if I can find a black and white movie, sip on chamomile tea and dream...of more things to knit.


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