Friday, February 2, 2007

Prayer Shawl Completed

We have completed the prayer shawl for our friend! I hope you think it is nice; we certainly do. The soft yarn and bright colors should be cheery and comforting. The fringe is 9 inches long on each end, so that gives you some idea of the length of this.

I have begun to learn Entrelac; what a delightful look, that woven pieces of knitting. So I am learning from Robbyn's wonderful instructions and photos on The Yarnpath (Google: All Aboard the Entrelac Express!) Entrelac is not difficult, and can be learned in an afternoon, if you are not trying to fix a sink, trying to watch a B&W movie, and herding three cats! Maybe things will quiet down this evening and allow me to finish the practice swatch.

Keep learning, gals! It will keep our old brains working!


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