Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me...?

This shortest month is nearly gone. The older I grow, the faster the months pass; March 1 arrives on schedule each year, but it seems to have raced here from March 1 a year ago. As if there were no children in the world, time flew without stopping to acknowledge the advent of Spring, of Flag Day or the Fourth of July; without slowing at Autumn's arrival, and not even so much as a wink when it passed the big three, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.

Time almost stands still for those tender young ones. Do you remember? When summer's days were nearly endless, when you were water-logged after a day of swimming, when you were actually ready for classes to resume? Can you recall the agony as detailed Christmas preparations led to family visits, and to feasts, and to dessert and coffee, and to more coffee for the grownups, and then to dishes being washed up in the kitchen? All the while, enticingly wrapped presents called to you, almost begged you to come and unwrap them?

Time was riding the back of a snail in those days, and you paid it no heed. That was something others did for you. When did all that change? When you were a teen, and eager to be grown? No, the pace was excruciatingly slow. When you were dating and ripe to set up housekeeping and start your family? No, there were more dates, and more broken hearts, before that right one smiled and said it was "forever." Did time speed up then? Was it when you were waiting for your first child? Those last two months were oh, so long....

Since then, there was the wait for the first home, for a promotion, or a move, that first day of school for your oldest; and the wait until they were "all in school!" They made it, finally, and earned diplomas. You got the last one through college - whew! - you were going to be free, right? Oops! One back home for a while...Then came the weddings, and time passed and there was that wait for the first seemed that it would never happen...and yet....

Did I say time seemed to be flying by? Now? I did? March is still 90 long minutes away! Time for a cup of tea, A Sudoku puzzle or two, purring and petting the kitties, a check of my e-mail, and, oh, yes...maybe the start of a brand new dream, before my birthday month, March, blows in!

Sweet dreams to you, too!


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