Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dilemma: Yarn...or Yard?

Fresh air breezing, birdsong calling me and my cats! What a delicious feeling!

The little log cabin is growing; can you see that it is really a nicely proportioned rectangle? I wanted something shaped for a crib or Moses basket. So I selectively changed the numbers to accomodate my wishes. The stripes at top and bottom are composed of nine and more than nine garter ridges, and those stripes at the sides are narrower, made of fewer than nine in some cases.

OK - I didn't get the idea before I began, so some of the stripes are the 9 garter ridges in width called for in the M*D original pattern. But then I decided to try the changes; it really looks fine, doesn't it? I have put on another stripe or two since this picture; it measures 22 inches by 28 inches right now. I have been pondering the border design for days, and have yet to come up with something I am enthusiastic about.

But the problem stays with me until I solve it. I am trying to figure out how to knit a striped border, attaching it as I go; did I say I want the stripes to be horizontal to the edge? Now I believe that somewhere in the entrelac knitting I will find my answer; surely I can knit a row, attaching to the blanket at the end of the row, turning and knitting back on the wrong side. Well, if I come up with it, I will let you know!

Lancelot has a roll and stretch in the warmth of the sunshine pouring through the window. Soon, we will all go downstairs; I will stroll the yard, and see what's newly poking through, and they (there are three) will watch from the screen door. This delicious weather beckons and I must go; after all, we will close up later on, and live in AC; it will be easier to knit then.

We really must keep learning from our cats! Enjoy!


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mhsmom said...

I really love the colors you have chosen for this blanket!!