Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Ahead!

I am so very ready for spring! I want to roam the booths at our little local tailgate market. I am ready for fresh, juicy vegetables and sunshine! These tomatoes were a gift last year from a good friend who was going out of town and didn't want them to go to waste.

Oh, my! They put me in heaven: a little avocado, some herbs from my garden, a drizzle of balsamic and some olive oil...with her lucious tomatoes I had a feast! Now, my memory teases me, taunts me. I have grown weary of my dried apple snacks, cranberry sauce from the freezer, soups and stews, and roasted potatoes. I am ready for lamb and new baby peas and the thinnest asparagus imaginable. Tiny red-skinned potatoes sprinkled with dill. I want fresh berries in my breakfast yogurt and a fresh breeze across my face.

My garden has begun to awaken, and a walk through rewards me with surprises. Bits of green here and there confirm the mild winter; the first yellow blossoms have opened on the forsythia; pulmonaria's pinky-purple blooms are a bright spot amidst the ivy and brown fern fronds. The birds' songs seem happier to me now and yesterday morning I awakened to Mother Nature's symphony...simply intoxicating!

This all brings me back to knitting, and the understanding that there is a time for wool blanket knitting, and a time to knit baby things. Spring is just ahead and Martha revealed the news that she is to become a grandmother, again! So I am going to pack up the wool; put away the colorful stashbuster that is so very heavy; pack up the blue-green Cascade 220 blanket. I am ready to look for fresh little patterns for fresh little people. Some fresh little cottons are calling me! If you have not made the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono from MD Knitting, check it out (link right); and consider a baby blanket from Oat Couture...they have marvelous patterns.

Mom did spring cleaning each year, and we rearranged the furniture to take advantage of open windows. She packed up all the woolens, after hand washing, in tins with moth balls sprinkled between. She taped the lids to seal them. So, in honor of my sweet mother, I will pack the woolens away, and celebrate the open windows. I will let the fresh air in and allow the birdsong to fill my heart. I will rearrange my priorities and think of babies! What a delicious change!

Happy almost spring to you! Go ahead - become intoxicated!


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