Monday, April 2, 2007

The First Log Cabin

I am not certain which came first, the website, or the book, but Mason*Dixon Knitting grabbed me, right from the start. Most especially the Log Cabin.

I had a few balls of Noro Silk Garden and thought I would use it. I began with the emerald and the fuscia and stayed as much with the bright colors I love. Then I began to run out of yarn! I used the cut and paste method to extract colors I wanted in the sequence I desired. So after the first few turns here, I have used pieces of yarn gleaned from many different balls of yarn. Some of the color changes are subtle enough, but some are a bit abrupt. It turned out nicely, I thought, despite the numerous splices. The best part was stash busting; I have used up nearly every scrap of Silk Garden, including the more drab colors that I don't like as well. The emerald border was added using a Lamb's Pride worsted, I think; or it may have been a Cascade. The size is good for a stroller or car seat, just a bit small for a crib.

As you can tell from previous posts, this first log cabin blanket lead to three others, and a couple of days ago, I began the fifth. I have a friend whose daughter and husband are expecting a baby and they will not learn the sex until birth; so I have to be ready for either a boy or a girl. This newest log cabin is made with yellow, blues and greens. Good for a boy! The yarn is Cotton Classic 100% Mercerised Tahki. It is machine washable, and will grow softer as it ages. As for the pattern, it will come - I have decided to just see where it takes me!

With spring's arrival, I am ready to take some risks - I hope you are, too! Have fun!

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Mary Heather said...

Your log cabin 1 is absolutely beautiful!