Friday, April 27, 2007

Ready for Something New

Isn't it nice to complete a project? This little Log Cabin for a boy baby is ready to be wrapped. This pattern was not planned; I simply let it evolve. The border is deep blue, and nearly surounds the blanket, but at opposite corners, leaves a bit of the other colors as the edge.
I tried, for the first time, going around a corner when I was picking up stitches for the border. I believe I was successful. Here is what I did: first, I simply picked up all the stitches. Then on the next pass around the corner, I did a three stitch short row - that is, I passed the corner, turned the work, knitted three in the other direction, turned the work again, and knitted on to the end of the row. Then, on the next two passes, I increased a stitch when I came to the corner, choosing one stitch to knit into the front and back of, before going on to the end of the row. In this way, I made more stitches at that particular point in the border, so as the border grew, the number of stitches also grew, and getting around the corner did not pull the border, but allowed it to lie flat. I may be able to do without the short row, and simply add more stitches. I bound off on the narrower side a couple of rows before binding off on the other side. As this was a first try, it is imperfect; but it gives me some ideas to work with next time.

You can see in this close-up of the back, below, that the seams are pretty much flat. It works for baby things, I think; however, in my woolen blankets (for adults), I rather like the more well-defined seaming that the ridges create. It is akin, in my mind, to the back of entrelac which is truly marvelous to see. Obviously, it can be the creator's choice.

So, now I find myself at another of those deliciously familiar junctures in which I am free to indulge my creative self in images of the projects ahead. Time for daydreaming; time for fantasies, time for relaxing and smiling and believing I can make anything I want from yarn.
I need to learn to allow this particular time to last a bit longer than usual. To keep myself from starting the first project that pops into my head, or using the first yarn that grabs my fancy; I am beginning to believe in the power of daydreaming and its ability to heal, and soothe. The next project may then flow into me, rather than leap on me from somewhere unseen above (you've heard the stories of cat owners who have walked into a room and had their pet leap onto their head from the top of the door - this is how new projects have seemed to find me).

Where do your new projects come from? What inspires and motivates you? Can we learn from one another, thereby increasing our creative potential? I sure hope so!


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