Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Doing Something For Our Friends

With warm spring weather approach-ing, it's time once again to think about having a party! Last year we enjoyed hosting a birthday party for a friend; I snapped a few pictures of the preparations. (I find these festivities are just the thing to motivate me to bring my house into tiptop shape; it is really nice to display the pretty things.)

You can see I had lots of help getting things ready! Dubs and Blue are here in the guest bath.

One of the gals in my walking group is just fantastic with flowers, and can make arrange-ments more lovely than many professionals. For this one, she used a large white Capodimonte swan that normally occupies the center of my bare diningroom table.

As the hour approached for guests' arrival, a last check to see that everything was ready and gleaming. This glass pitcher was Mom's; I imagine it was a wedding gift as it has a bit of silver striping around the middle.

Although this picture appears to be a black and white, it is not. Just the lighting, I suppose, on the linen. I used a simple soft silver ribbon to tie the napkins. Cocktails on the patio were perfect, and guests came inside just as the first drops of a late-afternoon shower began to fall.

The grill was heated, and six racks of lamb were grilled to pink perfection over the coals. Actually, my sweet husband finished the grilling beneath an umbrella in near-dark. My hero! Thanks to Julia Child, too, the candlelight meal was delicious, and our five couples enjoyed the evening.

Now it's time to think about this year's party, and a little change of pace; maybe a bone-suckin' finger-licking BBQ on the patio. Or maybe Italian night, with fresh pasta, gorgonzola, garlic and an herb-rich tomato sauce, crusty bread and wine, tiramisu for dessert. Or what about French...?

Well, I am inspired! What about you?


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