Thursday, July 26, 2007

Can't Leave Well Enough Alone?

So many patterns inspire me; I love what is now available to knitters on the Internet. And the books are multiplying exponentially! So, at a smorgasbord like this, what is one to do? Sample everything, of course.

I have been enjoying Mason*Dixon Knitting, and finished my first Baby Genius Burp Cloth a few days ago, and I started another Bib O'Love. As usual, you will see that I can never leave well enough alone. Something happens part way into a project - sometimes it is boredom. I just seem to want to make a little "blip" in the routine. I want to tweak the pattern, to jog the eye, to slip into the rhythm an extra, unexpected beat.

Hence the bit of red/pink/white cotton added to the regularity of the blue and white striped burp cloth below. When I first tossed it onto my shoulder (in front of a mirror) I thought it looked like blood! But my alarm soon diminished and I think that it will be just fine to add this to a stack of other cloths and bibs.

This Mission Falls cotton (below) is fantastic; I particularly love the different colors I find in this yarn. I have enjoyed making these bibs and have done countless ones for new parents. Several months ago, I saw on M*D KAL, Vivian Høxbro's Baby Beaded Bib-O-Love. Actually, I saw a picture of her bib someplace else; I copied it to my computer and kept coming back to it, and wondering, "just how did she do that?"

Finally I found it on the KAL and printed out her pattern and began knitting. "This is fun and easy!" I discovered. It knits up fast, is not boring, and is a great way to add interest to the bib, and to your day.

Additionally, this nubby yarn has a terrific texture, virtually guaranteed to hold the spill!

When you find patterns you like, try them. If you find yourself growing restless after the 4th or 5th one, I encourage you to go with your hunches about making adjustments to your knitting; go ahead and try something new. Go ahead and use something different in the way of yarns; move things, add things, change things. These pieces are your creations; from your mind and heart. Express yourself and have fun! That's the joy of knitting!


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