Friday, July 20, 2007

It's a Match!

This little cotton log cabin blanket went to live in Hawaii a few weeks ago when we visited there. We had a lovely dinner out with mom-to-be, a niece of my good friend, Martha. She gave birth to a beautiful pink baby girl just a couple of weeks later. I know you will agree that the blanket has a perfect home!

Now I am working on the washcloths, Baby Genius burp cloths, and bibs. What fun! I'm working up to another log cabin - they don't have to be large, as you can see. So enjoy your projects, both large and small, and enjoy the giving away, too.

So, an interval approaches, with another log cabin on the horizon for fall. What delicious fun, anticipating and mulling, and peeking into the yarn bins! What's in your knitting future?



Ann said...

Gorgeous! I love the colors and the baby is adorable. You did a beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ann! It was fun! B

mhsmom said...

Lovely blanket!!