Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Springtime!

The other day, we stayed with our grandson, and his Grandpa took a couple of pictures of him while he was enjoying a full tummy and not ready for sleep.

He has fussy times when his tummy hurts after mealtimes; then he's not having fun. Grammy and Grandpa tried all sorts of things, hoping to find the magic one that would help him be more comfortable. Below is his little swing; he enjoyed this a lot...for about 90 seconds! :)

I know he will outgrow this colic; meanwhile he commands a prodigious amount of attention! That's something we are perfectly willing to give.

I am working on a little blanket for him: red, white and blue log cabin. The plan is to give it to him on a Fourth of July when he's old enough to understand they are America's colors. Meanwhile, I am struggling with trying to put his name in it. Intarsia and garter stitch and a color change in the background...not sure I can pull it off.

Anyway, if not, frogging isn't terrible and I can go back to that place and begin again. If you have any experience with this (intarsia in garter stitch) and want to share words of wisdom, I'm all ears!

Spring is here and we marked it by planting a new pink dogwood. We miss our glorious old one that was removed just a few years ago. I know we will not live to see this new one grow as large, but it's here, and someone surely will. We feel good planting trees; my father taught me how and I learned from him that it was a very good thing to do.

I have planted trees in each place I have lived in my life, and additionally, in our public spaces as well. It is a relatively inexpensive undertaking and the rewards are many. Arbor Day comes next month and you may just like to mark that day by planting a tree of your own. I'd love to hear about it, if you do!

Happy Springtime!


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Kahla said...

If you're not set on having his name stitched in the blanket, there are some nice fabric stamp pads and you could do his name on fabric and sew it on...either as a taggie-style addition, or as a patch in the center of the blanket...