Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Friends, Festivities, Fun

This tiny glass duck is an ornament for the tree; it was a favor atop each heavenly cupcake (the coconut in the frosting was divine!) for guests to take home. What a cute remembrance of a really lovely baby shower!

My dear daughter-in-law was radiant as she opened gifts for the nursery. Her mother was justifiably proud, as was I. Not just proud of her, but of my special friends who went all out and showered us all with their love.

Then it was my turn to do for my friends. Each year we walking gals celebrate one another's birthdays and enjoy a special Christmas meal as well.
They came here and ate breakfast before opening gifts. I squeezed fresh oranges for our juice.

Among the foods I served was this dried fruit compote. Black Mission Figs shared the poaching liquid with apricots, prunes, pears, apples, blueberries, cherries, currants, and raisins. Lemon and orange zest and a cinnamon stick enhanced flavors. When the fruit had softened, I removed it and reduced the liquid to a syrup

We celebrated two birthdays as well. Two of us are 61, another is 62, one 64, and two have reached the ripe young age of 65. Here are the "Walkettes" showing you that we are still kicking and young at heart!

Because of the little celebration here, we put up our tree and decorations earlier than usual. Also, this is the first year Mom cannot join us for our annual tree-trimming evening. So my sweet husband took it upon himself to do most of that and I am so grateful! Everything looked pretty and festive.

This girl adorns the mantle. I worked the needlepoint hummingbird (below) several years ago - the colors prompted me to have it made into an ornament. The tiny stitches are 18 to the inch; I enjoyed making it partly because it was such a small project.

I am not certain where the little knitted sweater ornament came from, but I love it! Maybe it came from Mom's things. She was a life-long knitter and I imagine this would have had a special place on her tree. (Wish I could find the picture - it was a red sweater with white reindeer, I think.)

Wooden ornaments have long been my favorites. This little bear has a companion (actually a bigger bear) and their legs are all moveable.

Like many other folks, I have a collection of santas.

This is a transition year for our celebrations. Mom is still with us, but not with us; her dementia progresses, fear and confusion reign. She is now unable to get out for drives or to our home for family celebrations; I will miss her gentle presence. Life in a nursing home is truly bleak when one cannot look forward to outings, so I am sad about that this year.

On the other hand, we anticipate a new life, a fresh start in only a few more weeks; imagine! A baby! That is more than enough reason to be joyous and to celebrate.

I hope you can rejoice this year, too, and see the miracles that surround you. Merry Christmas!