Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still Spring

Taking up space where a bleeding heart will soon emerge.

This viburnum is Korean Spice, and the fragrance is delightful!

Here is a geezer hand and baby hands!

Isn't retirement awful!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Feel the Love!

After wearing himself out with crying, he had no options and fell asleep in Grandpa's arms. Here he stayed until the next feeding time. Colic certainly isn't fun for anyone!

One day this little blanket will be his to drag about the house (and anywhere else those things go).

This white stripe below the letters helps to bring the shape back in line a bit. I have mostly white yarn remaining, with some small bits of the other colors. I may try to put those in at the outer edge, as I think a white edge will show a lot of soil.

Speaking of soil, things are emerging from the ground and branches. Above, a fern frond ready to unfurl. These fragile blossoms of the plum have a light sweet fragrance.

A bit of bark has fallen from the hemlock.

I love this amazing thing we call life!