Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ravelry Anonymous

Ravelry is an organizational tool for individual members and groups, as well as a forum for exchange of information, among other things. It's a huge cross-reference library. It's a meeting of the minds and hands and fibers and colors. Sounds straight forward and innocuous.

I now have my very own place at Ravelry, my own little display booth I am hurrying to fill with projects only I have knitted. I have an online library already containing many of my knitting books. I have a space to place photos of my stash detailing yarn colors, weights and lengths if I so desire (I'd be certifiable if I attempted this); and a space for me to enter my needles and my patterns. I have a brand new Yahoo account and a new Flickr account, already 55% filled with mega-pixel pics of knitted blankets, drawstring pouches and throws. My mind is swirling with all the possibilities inherent in this new venture, and I have been rushing non-stop since receiving my invitation.

Why am I in such a rush? In a rush to post my projects and link them to my blog? To link them to my groups? To answer my Ravelry mail? To look at all 219 Log Cabin projects posted thus far? To see all the Nina Shawls? To feast my eyes on the fabulous entrelac, the Lady Eleanors that abound there? To read the profiles of knitters in my geographic area? To check out the details of the Heartbreakingly Cute Kimonos made by someone across the country? To find out who likes my Log Cabins? To learn what else is being knitted with Mission Falls 1824 Cotton? To join those special groups?

Maybe I can shed some light on this. Imagine tourists who have disembarked their cruise ships in a fabulous port that has every conceivable shop and restaurant they have ever dreamed of, with all their favorite items and all in their price range, and just one day to take it all in - wouldn't they be scurrying? Ever see wide-eyed tykes on the lawn at the Easter Egg Hunt, little straw baskets swinging from tender arms, patent MaryJanes ready to go? What about those TV shows where folks in the supermarket have their buggies and 5 minutes to load up? That is how I feel when I am in that place!

It is as if windows and opportunities have suddenly opened and everything I see is something I want to explore; as if I spent my entire life in Squirrel Hollow and suddenly find myself in NYC; every street I walk down has shops I want to enter. Each shop I enter has people with ideas and yarns and projects and smiles and answers and questions! Each person has her own booth with all her projects and her own blog. She has a life she is willing to share and tons of friends. She belongs to groups of people who share her passions and they talk freely, day and night... and they just invited me... me! (from Squirrel Hollow!) to the party!

So now you know... I can't get out of there! It's a huge labyrinth, a maze, growing exponentially, mushrooming, filling with people and projects and colors and faces and words and groups and ... and... and....well, gosh, it''s addictive!

OK. There you have it.

My name is Beth and I'm a Ravelry Addict.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ravelry! OMG!

Log Cabin VI isn't going very fast; I have to work on the "other" blanket! Yes, it's a time thing. Right? You have heard this from me more than once. So why was I on the computer all day long?

Because I got my Invitation to join Ravelry! They are asking 500-800 per day; when I joined, there were 17,000 still on the waiting list! The site is huge. Well it's HUGE! HUGE!

So here I am, glad to be in, finally, and now wandering around in the biggest city I can imagine. Starting right, I get a Yahoo thingy - so I can get a Flickr thingy - so I can upload pictures of my knitting to my Projects page! All this is really, really new to this almost 65 year old.

When the pics on Flickr wouldn't upload to Ravelry, I couldn't figure it out. Wandered around a while in the "help" place and stumbled upon a live chat and barged in and asked my question. Someone wonderful asked, "Are your pictures marked private or public in Flickr?" I said "private." "Well, they have to be public to get them into Ravelry." WOW!

So back to change the settings on 14 pictures of blankets and hats. Then put my Flickr name on my Ravelry Profile page and start again to upload pictures. Voila! They appeared when I asked them; a simple click and drag brought them into Ravelry at the right times and I am off and running....well, walking pretty fast...OK! OK! Compared to the rest of the gang there, I'm crawling! But I am moving, and that's good!

I think it's a new ballgame for knitters, crocheters, spinners, dyers, etc. What a gathering place!

Meanwhile, back on the farm:

Yesterday we went downtown for shoes; Tops for Shoes is my favorite shoestore in our area. I found these two pairs of loafers that are so comfortable and classic I couldn't resist. Bought a pair of Ecco boots in black, too. So I am set for casual this fall.

Finished a wonderful book this morning, Gestures; and must go find something else to read for bed tonight. That's a delicious prospect. Ravelry has me spinning and I need to come back to earth a while. If you have an opportunity, check it out. I will share more tomorrow. Meanwhile, sweet dreams!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Little Lovelies

There are many things in the autumn garden that are easy to overlook. This tiny trout lily is one; it's growing almost underfoot, next to the walk by the kitchen door.

When I first looked at these white flowers, I missed seeing the insects; from a distance, they are well hidden.

The marvelous, chartreuse sweet potato vine we love in our patio pots has a lovely little magenta border.

During the spring and summer, I pinch the coleus regularly to encourage it to become thick and full. But when fall arrives, I stop pinching and allow the flowers to emerge.

Now and then a picture is somewhat ho-hum; that's what I felt about these large green and white caladiums. So I played with it on Picasa and... voila! Just a bit of fun.

A lone moonbeam coreopsis blossom, nearly hidden behind a stone wall.

With the first frost, this bank of bright impatiens will sink to the earth in a slimy heap of green; the resilient rosemary in front, an evergreen, isn't really showy, but will provide my kitchen with flavor and fragrance all winter long.

These bright, cooler days are perfect for a leisurely stroll around the yard; take your may be surprised!