Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mason Dixon Moss Grid Towel

Today was deliciously quiet; it began with my sleeping later than normal, moving slowly once awake, and savoring a large hot mug of sweet coffee all alone in peace. Normally, morning is rushed, and altogether against my predilection.

I have just one more stripe on one block of the Log Cabin blanket; then it will be time to piece it together and decide on a border. The prayer shawl is at Martha's this weekend; so I started the little Moss Grid linen hand towel from the Mason*Dixon Knitting book. This is the first time I have worked with the Euroflax; it is stiff, but yielding. Took a bit of getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, it was rather nice. I began on addi turbos, but switched to these bamboo needles because I felt I needed the friction to prevent slipping.

Alan and I went to dinner with the kids tonight and had a delicious meal. My pork tenderloin medallions were simply perfect; acorn squash and risotto with a hint of cinnamon served as a cushion for the pork. Baby carrots and tender haricot verts added color to the plate. I ate all but one slice of pork - oh, my! Dessert was agreed to by all and the kids shared a pecan ice cream ball while Alan and I split peppermint icecream pie with warm chocolate ganache. Mmmmm....

So with the remainder of the evening left for knitting, I think I would like to finish the stripe in medium brown on the Log Cabin blanket; if there is time, I will work a bit more on the towel. As you can see above, I have just completed the border and find that what I have, in fact, is a seed stitch border, not a moss stitch. The moss is a 4-row pattern whereas the seed is just a repeat of row 1 if an even number of stitches are used. Use your Walker treasury or any stitch book to see the distinction; they are both simple knit-purl combinations.

Or, I may simply sit back and see if I can find a black and white movie, sip on chamomile tea and dream...of more things to knit.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Charlotte's Prayer Shawl

The news isn't good about our friend, so we are going to make a prayer shawl to enfold her, to comfort her, to warm her, to let her know we love her and that she's not alone on the journey she is on.

Maybe in an effort to not think about the surgeon's findings, I have immersed myself in the kitchen, a place I have avoided for a couple of years. I made 4 quarts of applesauce and 3 of cranberry sauce on Friday; today I made 8 qts. chili, 8 qts. split pea soup, and 2 qts. Sloppy Joe meat sauce.

Getting to sleep has been a struggle; I keep thinking about Charlotte. About the decisions she must make; about her family and her life. When I try to envision, in my dark, quiet room, behind my closed lids, the bright colors of yarn and the throws I want to create, Charlotte pushes it all away. It was my guaranteed soporific, the imagination alive in the dark; colors just seemed to combine themselves in fantastic and pleasing ways. Against the background of black they were electric; but not enough, last night, to hold Charlotte's smiling face from my mind. Not enough to prevent my hearing her voice and feeling her most sincere and enthusiastic hugs.

I think a good solution has found me; the prayer shawl will bring the two together in the right way. I hope you, my friends and fellow knitters, will be a part of the process; in prayer or in knitting, we will do this together, and maybe begin early the long time of healing.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Beautiful Day for Knitting!

Dinner out last night was good; the lamb chops were simply perfect, and our guest appreciated the celebration of his 50+ birthday. This Sunday morning is a bit gloomy here; that's why I say it's perfect for knitting!

I am working on my third Log Cabin (from Mason-Dixon Knitting) and enjoying using the Pastaza, one of Cascade's worsted, for this one. You see a planning session here. I think after I complete the four rectangles, I will elongate the whole blanket with some strips at the ends, before putting a border around it all.
I have invited you gals in my knitting group to stop by here and take a peek; I know it's nothing much yet. But it could be fun. There are bloggers out there who are knitting just like we are and who may enjoy taking a peek; their comments can be helpful, too. That is yet to come. Right now, this place is just our own. Let me know what you think. :)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Journey Begins

...with a single step. So my site exists, and tomorrow is another day. (Southern for too busy to get to it now!) Actually, heading out to dinner to celebrate a birthday. When I return, my mind will be clear enough to begin to share an enthusiasm for knitting that I somehow "inherited" from Mom. Till then...

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