Tuesday, June 5, 2007

In The Garden

Pollen is everywhere today! I can see it on the coneflowers in the garden, on the patio furniture, on the windows, and on cars parked on the street. People are sneezing, and coughing, and rubbing their eyes - the plant kingdom is in flower and we are taking note!

The lavender is nearly ready to bloom - so fragrant! My friend Martha knows how to braid them to make something pretty and decorative - maybe she'll teach me. I will soon have hundreds of stems filled with perfumed blossoms. It would be heavenly to work with them in my hands for a few days.

In clay pots are the geraniums - red, salmon, fuchsia and pink - they love the sunshine on my back steps and walls.

Sometimes just looking at the flowers I don't really see them; passing without taking time to stop is missing a big part of what flowers offer. If a garden or a pretty basket or pot can slow me down, make me stop to gaze a moment, it's done me a favor. If I stoop to take in the sweet pure fragrance, my day is enhanced. If I examine the petals or admire a bud or gently touch a slender stalk I often experience amazement.

I hope you can be amazed, too; I am still knitting, (I can see, in those petals above, great color combinations for my next projects) but sometimes there are (yes, really!) things more important....


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