Sunday, January 14, 2007

Beautiful Day for Knitting!

Dinner out last night was good; the lamb chops were simply perfect, and our guest appreciated the celebration of his 50+ birthday. This Sunday morning is a bit gloomy here; that's why I say it's perfect for knitting!

I am working on my third Log Cabin (from Mason-Dixon Knitting) and enjoying using the Pastaza, one of Cascade's worsted, for this one. You see a planning session here. I think after I complete the four rectangles, I will elongate the whole blanket with some strips at the ends, before putting a border around it all.
I have invited you gals in my knitting group to stop by here and take a peek; I know it's nothing much yet. But it could be fun. There are bloggers out there who are knitting just like we are and who may enjoy taking a peek; their comments can be helpful, too. That is yet to come. Right now, this place is just our own. Let me know what you think. :)

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