Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Back to Basics

You see a half dozen baby washcloths above; they are tiny projects, easily tucked into any bag, ready to go anywhere. ( long as the correct needles are being used. I removed the straight Brittany needles for airplane travel, and inserted small bamboo circulars for knitting on the plane.) Whenever I learn of a baby on the way, I put these in the mail to show support for the new parents-to-be. So no matter how many I make, I am always sending them off, and in need of more. This fine cotton came from the now-closed Churchill Weavers in Berea, KY.

Do you remember the Nina Shawl I began a while back? I never intended for it to morph into another sampler, but it has. After finding the checkerboard portion enjoyable to work, I ordered two of Sheila McGregor's books; I found a simple pattern and reproduced it using the colors available to me. You can see it at the top of the shawl. Obviously, it looks like so many of the sweaters or hats you have seen that come from the cold Scandinavian countries and Scotland.

(Needed my knees to hold down the edge.)

As you can clearly see, it's a colorful pattern, but very simple. In any given row, only two colors of yarn are used. So one is not dragging along 4 or 5 different bobbins; there is not a mess on the back:

So if you are a beginner knitter like I am, don't be afraid of trying this! It is not complicated. I will be experimenting as I go along with this "Nina" shawl, and will come back to share when I complete something new.

What I have learned from knitting: there is nothing to fear but fear itself! Have fun!


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Meg Weaver said...

Thanks for your comment regarding the Nina ruffles. I chose to leave the ruffles off my version due to personal taste. Your sampler version of the Nina is so neat! I have to admit that some of the longer stripes got ridiculously boring after awhile and having some more color work would certainly break up the monotony.