Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gender-Neutral Baby Blankets

I had a deliciously soft and bulky yarn: Muench Yarns microfiber acrylic - Color: Minty, in my stash. It was manufactured in Italy, and I was just aching to use it.

It seems that more and more couples are opting for "not knowing." That is, they want some mystery to remain during pregnancy, and ask that they not be informed of the sex of their baby. This extends, usually, to the rest of their family and to their circle of friends as well. So for shower gifts, pink is not allowed, nor little sailor sweaters. Items need to be gender-neutral. So the usual colors for this option are white, yellow, mint green or aqua.

It so happens that I know of two couples who will be needing such gifts prior to the birth of their first baby. So this aqua/lime combination yarn seemed a good choice for one item. With just 5 balls (49 yds each), I hope I am going to be able to complete a little blanket. (Things of this size can be useful, even if not large enough for a crib. It may work well in a stroller or car seat.) It is working up quickly on a #15 Addi Turbo, so I will soon know. You may recognize the pattern: Basketweave, from Barbara Walker. It's a simple knit purl combination. I love the way it looks!

Another blanket on the needles uses a simple nylon/acrylic blend from Stylecraft called Charleston. It's soft, chunky, and delicious to work with; I am using a #8 circular needle and cast on just 4 stitches. Easy, because I am using that famous dishcloth pattern that has two knits and a yarnover to begin each increase row. It creates a nice islet border.

Below is another gender-neutral baby blanket; this one is lime and a multi, and just getting underway. The little diamond pattern is one I found in the Fair Isle book by McGregor; this is a better alternative, I think, than flowers, in the event the baby is a boy. The yarn: Bunny Hop (Crystal Palace Yarns). It is fabulously soft. The lime color is, in reality, bluer than you see here. At the left of the first diamond, you can see that I have lost a stitch somewhere in there, and the result is an unattractive pulling. Additionally, as in the Nina, I am still pulling the yarn a bit too tightly as I carry it along behind the Fair Isle pattern. I believe that will, with practice, be eliminated.

Where did I see comments about cats always finding your knitting when you get up for just a moment? Of course you know it's true! Blue always looks at me as though it is his rightful spot and I am the one in the wrong place.

I am also working on my 9th washcloth of a dozen I will knit for someone's baby. I want to do the same with those bibs in the Mason-Dixon book, too. (I like the pattern that's a bit different, however, by Colleen Kadleck, when it comes to the little strap that goes around the neck. The way I do it, the button becomes an interesting part of the design, rather than hidden in the soft folds in the back of baby's neck.)

Saturday beckons, there is work to be done - too bad it's not knitting! I suppose, though, it's everything else I do that makes knitting so enjoyable when I finally get to it.


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mhsmom said...

I too have a long list of baby gifts to make. I enjoyed looking at what you have chosen. Babies are so fun to knit for aren't they?