Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Moths Beware!

This Log Cabin Blanket will be a gift for my son; but I wonder if the fiber moths are going to eat it up in Hawaii.

I have searched for ways to protect it because this yarn is not mothproofed. Two discouraging facts emerged. First, moth balls are bad for people, pets and moths. Second, most moth damage occurs when items are stored in dark places. The best way to protect your woolens is to keep them clean, keep them moving, and in lighted areas. Maybe I need to toss the moth balls first, open the closet, turn on a fan, and switch on the light! I have been doing everything wrong with my sweaters and suits! Spring and summer are nearly here, so I must act quickly. (Meanwhile, my stash is untouched, in bins I rummage through routinely, and with cedar blocks to discourage the pests. I wrap all FOs in Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender drawer liner paper - until I give them away, that is.)

So tonight I am blessed with another of those delicious interludes in which to contemplate the next project. Thinking over the UFOs, I avoid repeating things already underway. Still working on the stashbuster; have a blue-green blanket underway that serves as a sampler of sorts, and a good place for me to practice new stitches. I have a baby sweater barely begun, and a hat in the same condition.

Maybe I should look at yarns instead; they usually serve to inspire me. Maybe with the change of seasons, I will move from wool to cotton. A baby blanket in Tahki Cotton Classic - maybe a little log cabin? Of course, Four Seasons Classic Elite is softer, goes a bit quicker.... Speaking of soft, have you used the Touche by Berroco? Oh, my, it's nice! Then there are those a bit more interesting, such as Mission Falls 1824 Cotton with all that texture, and the subtle coloring. Brown Sheep Company makes Kaleidoscope - a cotton/wool blend; and Noro gives us Lily Yarn that is a luxurious 30% silk, 70% cotton. If you want good basics, you can count on Debbie Bliss cotton dk and Rowan handknit cotton.

Gosh, I have all these skeins in my lap and each a different color...that would work for a log cabin, wouldn't it? But I just finished a log cabin....

There is something addictive, isn't there, about those Mason*Dixon Log Cabins? You bet there is!

Just time enough to watch "House" and then pull some more yarn before bed. What a nice evening! I hope you have one, too.


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Susan said...

Love it! I am so glad you led me to your blog.